• Tayormade Golf – Speed Police Officer Dustin Johnson(Funny, Must Watch)

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  • Davies and O’Meara inducted into LPGA Hall of Fame Class of 2015

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    Yesterday it was announced that Mark O’Meara and Laura Davies will become a member of the Golf hall of fame in the class of 2015.

    O’Meara deserved to get inducted into the hall of fame much earlier. He has won 16 PGA Tours, a US Amateur Title and three European Tours.

    He said that getting inducted into the hall of fame means the world to him. He knew that it was only a matter of time but now it feels like a dream come true to him. He considers that no other accolade in his career is as valuable as this.

    Laura Davies won a total of 84 international titles. In 1994, she was the winner of four majors. Two years later she won the LPGA Championship and du Maurier Classic, she also won US Women’s Open in 1987. No other player won as much money as Davis did in the year 1994. She won the title of “Player of the Year” in 1996.

    Davies thinks that getting inducted into hall of fame is the crowning point of one’s career. For someone who had a career that is both long and filled with accomplishments, nothing could be more honorable and satisfying than getting inducted into the hall of fame.

    Getting inducted into the LPGA Hall of fame was a goal Davies was trying to achieve for quite some time.

    To get inducted into the LPGA hall of Fame a player has to earn 27 points. LPGA follows this rule strictly.

    Davies earned herself 25 points in 2001 but she couldn’t advance further because she was busy playing worldwide. Even after fulfilling the eligibility criteria, she didn’t let her name appear on the international ballot.

    Some changes were introduced In the process of induction to the Hall of Fame earlier this year. According to the latest changes, there is a sixteen person committee for selection, in order to win a player has to get the approval of at least 12 members, there’s also a subcommittee for vetting candidates and nominating finalists. Also according to the latest rules, the ceremony of induction to the hall of fame will take place once in every two years.

  • Golf Swing Tips – Golf Distance like Dustin Johnson

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  • The Bouncing Back Of Lee Westwood

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    The Wales Open seems to have become off late a tournament that is not only professional but also to bite the dust. There were three Ryder Cup players performing well at the Wales Open and the Europeans took that as a good sign for themselves. However, there had come out the news that the European and British Golf as a whole when it emerged that another professional tournament had just bitten the dust and it was all a bleak news.

    The Celtic Manor owner has decided to not renew contracts for the coming year. The reason behind is the mixed positions the players have come up with namely Stephen Gallacher and Jamie Donaldson. The best that can be hoped for now is for Mathews to come back.

    The sponsors and fans or in that matter all the top names have never supported and provided the backing that the tournament demanded. Although, it is ironic that it is the best ever field for the Wales open this time the truth still remains the same. The European Ryder Cup captain also looks pretty delighted. It is pretty much clear that Jamie Donaldson shall be in the foursomes. The tournament could receive a fitting send off because of the popular players like Lee Westwood, Jamie Donaldson and Stephen Gallacher. The tournament has never had a winner who belongs to home and so everyone is hoping that Jamie Donaldson shall prevail. Westwood believes that he and Jamie would make a good pairing. He is certain that both of them could put on some good game and hopes that it also falls under the captain’s discretion. Gallacher might have lost and had to fly back home, but he does not appear to be much concerned about it. So, be ready to watch out for Lee Westwood’s recovery too.

  • Bubba Watson and Jack Nicklaus Golf Swing Comparison

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  • Golf Swing Analysis Bubba Watson vs. Jordan Spieth

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  • Dustin Johnson plays Golf in the English Garden in Munich

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  • Matt Kuchar says PGA Tour scheduling must change

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    It hasn’t even been a fortnight since American golfer Matt Kuchar played his final hole during the United States’ dismal Ryder Cup showing at the Gleneagles in Scotland and he is already preparing for yet another event on the US PGA Tour calendar and for him, it seems more like a continuation of the previous season than the start of the new season on the US PGA Tour.

    Kuchar stated that it is just such a quick restart after the Ryder Cup and it doesn’t feel like he has had a break, adding that one week off is not necessarily a break.

    The American has made at least 21 starts a season every season on the US PGA Tour since 2002 except in one. And as the PGA Tour kicks off a schedule that will see him play in three consecutive domestic events before the Tour heads into Asia, Kuchar feels that these three tournaments would have been better had it been fitted in somewhere else.

    Matt Kuchar admitted that much of the scheduling of the US PGA Tour is made in a way in order to avoid a conflict of scheduling with the NFL season but he still feels that a tweak is necessary especially if the PGA wants the players to be fighting fit and playing the best golf.

    The American mentioned that he knows the scheduling is done so that the FedEx Cup doesn’t clash with the NFL season but it already clashes with Week 3 or 4 of the season and hence, there is no reason if it is made to compete with Week 7 of football. Matt Kuchar went on to add that he views Week 7 as less interesting for NFL fans than the first two or three weeks due to the hype that is built around the start of the season.

  • Bubba Watson Practicing for 2013 PGA Championship

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  • Matt Kuchar withdraw from the PGA to increase Watson’s problems

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    Tom Watson was named as the captain to lead the US squad in this year’s Ryder’s cup in Scotland starting in this month of September. The moment he was selected as the captain of the squad a series of problems came down on him. The list of problems is increasing everyday as by every passing moment a new player is reported injured. The current squad announced in the previous week had only 6 players in the team and the last 3 were to be announced on 2nd September. These 3 players that will be selected will be selected by the captain using his rights. With all the speculations the final decision will be taken after the PGA championship tour.

    The biggest disappointment came at the start of the PGA at Valhalla, when Matt Kuchar pulled out of the championship. His decision of pulling out from the championship came in the last moment and it was surprise for many. Apart from a surprise it was a shock for the US team captain as it raised more problems for him. Previously Kuchar withdrew from the last stage of the WGC- Bridgestone. After his withdrawal he practised and seemed to be fit from the back injury but his sudden withdrawal took Watson with a surprise and it raised an alarm in the US camp. Though there was good news as Tiger Woods reportedly was fit and was playing in the PGA tour. This was a great sigh of relief for team US but again Woods is out of practise and it will be a tough task for the team if Kuchar stays unfit for the Ryders cup and withdraws from it even. This will surely be the last thing that the US captain will be hoping to face before the Ryder cup.

  • Dustin Johnson great approach sets up eagle on No. 1 at Cadillac

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