Different Golf Champions This Year

This year has seen four champions emerge from the major tournaments in golf.

Hence, if you are looking for a savior for the game, he or she is yet to emerge. This year saw a different champion capture the different trophies. For instance, Jimmy Walker won his first ever major title in PGA championships. However, many fans have been waiting to see someone like Tiger Woods emerge who would capture all the major titles as he has done in the past. This year Jimmy Walker won the prestigious PGA event on Sunday. He claimed the last of the major championships that are played. He also became the fourth winner who was a first time winner of a major tournament.

It all started this year. Henrik Stenson of Sweden was found to have won the British Open which was held in July. Walker gave his opinion when he was asked as to why there have been different winners of the major tournaments this year.

Walker feels that everybody has become more competitive and better and hence, the competition is closer than before. For the players it is good as everyone can look forward to having a chance at winning and not be burdened by the thought of competing with an all-rounder from the beginning of a competition. However, there are many fans of the game who would want to see Tiger Woods reinstated or at least someone who would prove to be his progeny. Jason Day is ranked as the top ranked in the world who electrified the galleries when he played on Sunday but Jimmy Walker walked away with the trophy. Dustin Johnson was the winner of the US Open that was held in June. At that time Jimmy could not hold his forte however.