For long, one of the top debates in golf is if anyone can break the record of Jack Nicklaus.

Tiger Woods was the one man that came close and as at 2009 he was on point. However, the personal scandals and his fitness struggles have made such a task almost impossible.


Woods is still on No. 14 in major championships while Nicklaus’ stands firm at 18 with no major challenger in sight. At 41 years, Woods seem to be done as his struggles keep limiting him. His ardent supporters remain hopeful after each comeback news but the story remains unchanged.


In three years, Woods has undergone four back surgeries as he fights back spasms. The player’s swing coach for six years Hank Haney says the player is done and dusted as regards winning more major championships.


“I don’t buy a lot of these theories that people have. I don’t buy that…..this is the end all be all for him, coming back and beating Nicklaus’ record. That’s never gonna happen. I mean, come on people, get real,” he said.


The coach added that Woods could return to playing despite his body limitations and that he could even win again. However, he added that those who hope of him breaking the record do so in futility.


“I don’t believe Tiger is that enthralled by this whole comeback idea. [The media] believe that he’s got this burning desire to come back and play. I don’t think he does,” Haney added.