Haydn Wins The Czech Masters

The Czech Masters was won by Haydn Porteous, who won it with a difference of two shots from his opponent Lee Slattery. However Porteous probably missed out on making it to the first six tournaments this season.


As per the final leader board position of Czech Masters event, Haydn led the way above players like Lee Slattery, T Lewis and P Widegren and others. Being a South African pro player, Haydn was able to secure his second title on the European Tour, which was a victory he secured with two strokes. The Czech Masters took place at the Albatross Golf Resort, which is in Prague.


The 23 year old player, who is currently at 389 positions as per world rankings, began playing on the final day behind Lee Slattery, but he soon took over the lead from the 39 year old opponent. Slattery had won the last two European Tours when he last participated in 2015. Lee Westwood had held the number one world ranking previously and is now ranked 59th overall.

Slattery had an overnight lead, but that was eroded as Porteous scored in the first two holes and took the lead. Porteous is an up and coming name in the world of professional golfers and he has had a number of wins to his credit such as the Joburg Open which he won last year in January. Porteous admits that playing the European Tour is akin to losing oneself. He feels that the key is to find him again and he is thankful to his sponsors who have supported him through the tough and trying times. He was happy with the win, which he feels was an up as against the defeat that he faced last year. For his fans there is much to look out for as he hopefully climbs to higher levels of success.