Jim Furyk With A Perfect 58

The 58 of Jim Furyk has been coming under the attention among golf fans and enthusiasts.

For those who are dedicated to slogging it out on the range they would surely get inspiration from the guy who has the perfect swing. For those who are being told they are too old or too short for a tee they can look for inspiration from none other than Jim Furyk. Indeed, he is now 46 years of age, and like Pampling, he has been able to showcase to the golfing community that he still has what it takes to be unique in the playing field.

Even at late forties, he has a backswing that is admirable and he fittingly showcased a 58 when he played the final round of the Travelers Championship that was held on Sunday.

It was certainly the first 58 that were made in the history of the PGA Tour. He has thus proved that age does not need to matter if you have the dedication and the talent that it takes to be unique on the course. Today, most golfers are able to drive balls across 300 yards or more.

He was able to achieve this feat at the Travelers Championship and tied for the fifth position. If you line up all the players and assess their physical attributes or swings, you might find him to be the guy who never makes past the selection rounds in gym class. However, Furyk has not let such classifications pull him down and he has persevered to reach the highest level and thrived as well on the journey there. Last week he was able to score 58 in the final round and that was the final hole that he made. This was required to make the cut and that was exactly what he achieved.