Kaymer playing with home logo

This year, German golfer Martin Kaymer has been taking part in golf events logo on his cap which appears conspicuously unlike from anyone else in world’s top fifty. The swirl blueprint is Whisper Rock Golf Club’s logo. The club is located in Scottsdale in Arizona where Martin is a member with several other PGA Tour professionals. The immediate reaction of the people was why given the fact that most pros are ready to sport sponsored sports gears in exchange of huge sum.

Martin told that it is not always about the money. He want to feel comfortable. Kaymer climbed up from 103rd to 90th in the points standings of FedEx Cup to advance to Deutsche Bank Championship this week. The German golfer added that it was not a matter of not finding a sponsor. It was just a matter of the right fit.

He would like to work with people. He really do not call them sponsors, it is like a partnership. He added that he and his partners have the same goals and interests, and then it would be a very good combination. However, it is not that easy to find. This season, the club is not sponsoring Martin on the Tour, but the golfer added that the club provided him the hat.

To reach to another level of his professional career, Kaymer has had to look back at his form of 2007. He told that it was the last time when he thought to get his European Tour card.