Little girl of 6th grade hit it 230- Lucy Li

Michelle Wie started hitting it when she was around fourteen as far as few players of the PGA tours, and she still wasn’t the longest hitter as far as women’s gold is concerned. Given the situation, no one actually know what next to expect.

If you involve your average eleven year old child in a conversation pertaining to architecture, and all you might get from him or her is details of Bob The Builder, the shocking speed with which the protagonist of Frozen erected her ice castle or Milke Mulligan’s steam shovel. However Luy Li, on Tuesday was discussing Donald Ross, when the youngest qualifier of the US Women’s Open gave her all giggly interview, in front of the press at the Ross masterpiece.

Talking about Ross, she said the very well knows about Donald Ross because she has previously played at the Country Club of Charleston the past year and in San Francisco at the Peninsula Golf Club, and she knows that Ross loves creating undulating greens.

This 5 ft 1 inch wonder of the US Women’s Open shot 74-68 at the Half Moon Bay, and bagged the sectional qualifiers by 7 shots. The 6th grader, now at eleven broke the record held by Lexi Thompson to be the youngest qualifier ever. Lexi was twelve when she got through the qualifiers of the US Open back in 2007.

Sitting together with Li in the same coach, Thompson went all chatty saying that she practiced her autograph on the way to the Pine Needles. She further added that it was quite overwhelming for her to meet and play with players she has only seen on screens, so she was extremely excited and had to keep on telling herself that she is taking part in the upcoming Majors