Masters Practice Round Jordan Spieth Hit Golf Ball Across Water On To Green

This year, Jordan Spieth seems to be finding his stride.

Former Longhorn posted a final round score of 66 at the Houston Open to finish tied for 3rd-place, and the next day Spieth was stunning patrons at the Augusta National Golf Club (ANG) in Augusta, at the time of his first practice round of the Masters Tournament (82nd annual).

One of the traditions at Augusta during practice rounds is players to attempt hitting golf balls across the pond and onto the putting green at the course’s par-3 16th hole. But, on Monday once Spieth reached at the tee-box he broke all the records and made an impressive short that made golf ball to cross the water and reach onto Green. Well, when Spieth is enjoying these short, everyone else is wondering how it happened.

We know it wasn’t that easy, Spieth, who hail from Dallas, Texas, was the one who helped leading golfer Longhorns to lead in the NCAA Championship in the year 2012. This was the time when he opted to move out of the game and also turn out to be a professional.

So far, Spieth has won two major tournaments and in the year 2015. He won the U.S. Open and Masters in 2015.

When Spieth was approached for his comment he said, I am making my game stronger and want to be competent. For now my focus is just on capturing a second green jacket and knows as the greatest spectacle of golf. My shot during the practice game at Augusta is the depiction of the same. I am hoping I will have many more such shorts in the coming future.

For the short I am glad and trust me it wasn’t easy at all.