The Bouncing Back Of Lee Westwood

The Wales Open seems to have become off late a tournament that is not only professional but also to bite the dust. There were three Ryder Cup players performing well at the Wales Open and the Europeans took that as a good sign for themselves. However, there had come out the news that the European and British Golf as a whole when it emerged that another professional tournament had just bitten the dust and it was all a bleak news.

The Celtic Manor owner has decided to not renew contracts for the coming year. The reason behind is the mixed positions the players have come up with namely Stephen Gallacher and Jamie Donaldson. The best that can be hoped for now is for Mathews to come back.

The sponsors and fans or in that matter all the top names have never supported and provided the backing that the tournament demanded. Although, it is ironic that it is the best ever field for the Wales open this time the truth still remains the same. The European Ryder Cup captain also looks pretty delighted. It is pretty much clear that Jamie Donaldson shall be in the foursomes. The tournament could receive a fitting send off because of the popular players like Lee Westwood, Jamie Donaldson and Stephen Gallacher. The tournament has never had a winner who belongs to home and so everyone is hoping that Jamie Donaldson shall prevail. Westwood believes that he and Jamie would make a good pairing. He is certain that both of them could put on some good game and hopes that it also falls under the captain’s discretion. Gallacher might have lost and had to fly back home, but he does not appear to be much concerned about it. So, be ready to watch out for Lee Westwood’s recovery too.