WGC Testing New Play Format

Harding Park would stand as the very testing venue for WGC’s new play format but there is already surety about one winner here- the spectators.

The WGC has planned to dump the usual single-elimination March Madness format this time to make place for World Cup-style display. The Cadillac WGC Match Play 2015 would guarantee the golf enthusiasts at least 3 days to enjoy Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and other favorite golfers in action in this great 64-player field.

However, the real downer here is that this tournament is some one-&-done deal for bay Area & Harding Park. The event would shift to Austin for coming 3-4 years under a new sponsorship. But them, how this event is going to be received would lead the way for possible return.

According to experts, the maximum chances are that this event would be received really well. Apart from any major tournament, Harding Park would house a field that is as grand as is possible in golf. Apart from Woods & Mickelson, almost every start golfer would be present at the tournament to vie for the 1.57 mn USD worth top prize.

Woods could not pass the test of eligibility while Phil has withdrawn himself citing personal reasons.

Besides, there is this very charm of match play. Albeit Harding has been the venue for Presidents Cup 2009, Bay Area hasn’t ever witnessed such a spectacle as match play WGC, pulling in such a huge roster of stay golfers from all across the globe. Whilst Euro Tour has earlier staged many match-play games in this very group format but none of those could match up with the glory of WGC.

The latest format is expected to render the needed spice and zing to the tournament making it all the more popular among golf aficionados.